Corporate Learning
& Development

A synopsis of our people empowerment workshops.

This is subject to customisation as per client's requirement.

A Date With Self

It is a highly effective & delightful human growth lab creating personal and professional transformations and giving
participants a winning edge.

The Magic of C2iT ( Soft Skills )

Communications Skills ,Interpersonal Skills ,Team Work & Creativity.

The Power of Team Building

Together Everybody Achieves More ..!!

Managerial Excellence Journey ( MEJ )

A Managerial Effectiveness Workshop inspiring Managers to pursue excellence.

Leadership Insights !!

A Workshop on the Art of Leadership

Time Management Tips

A Workshop on Time Management for Results.

Let us be Assertive :

A Workshop on the Importance of Assertiveness.

We Care –

A Workshop on the business importance of Customer

Consultative Selling Skills –

A Workshop on trust ,relationship and consultation based Selling .

Creating long lasting impressions –

A Workshop on Business Etiquette.

Training Methodology

Practical and highly interactive with real life situations

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