People Analytics

How HR Analytics has Evolved..

Reporting in the HR space has evolved over the years and we find a continuum across various kinds of organizations

Why do we need HR Analytics..

Large amounts of scattered HR data over the years is a treasure trove of information. We can look at answering business
problems like the following…


  • Employee Success- Can I predict the success of an employee based on the details in the resume?
  • Optimization– Is there a way to manage capacity optimally

An Employee Success Probability Score based on historical data can help us get an idea of the probability of success in the organization at the time of hiring.

Attrition Management

  • Early Warning Indicator - Can I predict which of my high performers are going to leave six months before
    they walk out the door?
  • Retention – What are the most high impact and cost effective retention measures?

Dipping levels of engagement is one of the early signs of an impending addition to the attrition score

Business Planning & Engagement

  • Workforce Management - What will be my workforce demands 1 year from now? (Both quality and quantity)
  • Optimization– How can we engage and retain our top talent

Workforce Management tuned in with business requirements is an essential cost management tool and is essential for optimal utilization of resources.

People Development

  • Promotion- Who out of my current workforce is most likely to be the next in line for a leadership position?
  • Leadership Pipeline– What is the profile of a leader who can take the organization ahead 5 years from now?
  • Training–How do we select the right employees for training and maximize ROI

Identification of the critical employees and grooming them to be ready for leadership positions is an arduous tas

What do we Offer

Reporting in the HR space has evolved over the years and we find a continuum across various kinds of organization

HR challenges vary from one organization to another. Our products are designed to maximize impact depending on the maturity of the HR ecosystem

What Makes us Different


Varying levels of output caters to your specific level of HR readines


Globally experienced team delivering high productivity consulting to Corporates


Availability of cutting edge technology experts on a regular basis


Deployment & management of productivity enhancing HR output for businesses

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