Executive Search

Our Value Proposition :

  • We act as a gateway to provide a wide range of Talent Acquisition Services to the Clients.
  • We have the extensive understanding of Multinational and National Business and Industry Specific People Needs .
  • We take care of various aspects to ensure that the candidates work and sustain long lasting fruitful career in the organisation .
  • We  handpick candidates with a lot of care and due diligence.
  • We ensure that no conflict of interest arises between any of our clients.
  • We offer complete and exclusive attention to all our clients .

Need Assessment:

At this stage we understand the profile of the desired candidate through the job description and the key result areas of the given requirement provided to us. Through the job description shared by the client, we analyze job role, and expectation from candidate. We study various criteria in terms of qualification, skills, knowledge and experience required for the job a.

Research Strategy:

In this stage, we map the industry to devise an action plan. This stage include searching for the desired candidate from our vast updated database and through our references. We coordinate with our clients at every stage and provide them with the review and hold regular sessions feedback and for any necessary changes to be made in the candidate profile.

Prospective Candidate Identification:

After thorough research, potential candidates are identified using a combination of our database, references, contacts and executive search.

Candidate Interview and evaluations:

Senior consultants carry out preliminary interview and assess the candidate’s interest levels and fitment to the given vacancy along with other information like personality, leadership qualities etc to ensure that the candidate is a best fit in terms of the organization’s culture and all technical competence for the desired profile.

Presentation of Short listed Candidates to Clients:

After conducting the preliminary interview, we prepare a summarized report in a format given by the client or if no particular format is specified we submit the report in our own format.

Client Candidate Interview:

We coordinate at all stages right from telephonic interview, video conferencing, to organizing personal meeting. We also offer assistance in negotiating the terms of employment prior to the formal written offer. We counsel the candidate on the formalities of resignation from current employment. The primary objective is to assist for smooth transition. In short, we work hand in hand with the client and the candidate to deliver the desired results.

Reference Checking:

When required we carry out reference checks provided by the candidate and also check with the third party references from our side as it allows us to understand any hidden information.

Search Completion:

Post appointment, we maintain contact with the client as well as the candidates to ensure the candidate’s successful integration into the organization. We maintain confidentiality throughout the process.

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