Role of Digital Media

Role of Digital Media

There was a time when people used to wake early and take their newspaper from the balcony & start reading with a cup of tea- “The perfect start of the day” one might say. But now, this scenario has changed. In this fast-moving world, people may not even buy any newspapers at home anymore. All the information & news they want they inquire  from the digital media, because digital media is convenient & time saving, it’s cost effective too. True many of the older generation will still debate on this  however, most of them too have adjusted very well.  Look around you, you will find seniors who are very enthusiastic about the digital world .  How many times one finds his Aunt who is 70 years old posting on Facebook.

 The print media growth rate in 2010 was 19.58% till 2017 it falls to 4.50%, as people are getting digitized. The average time calculated on digital media in the year 2020 among the population is 1hr 39 min while on print media it is only for 19 minutes. According to this ratio time spent on Digital media  would be on the rise & traditional methods would fall more by 2022.

The digital media shapes our lives in more ways we can imagine. The purpose of the media is to keep people up to date, know the current affairs & new trends at a faster pace. Its educational purpose, entertainment & advertising purpose cannot be ignored anymore. Had it not been digital students would have to give up the whole academic year due to the pandemic.

While this medium also has its disadvantages it has more advantages. Many however, are using this medium for the  wrong purpose and causing harm to others by providing wrong information, cheating and creating chaos. Youth have to judge rightly and discern well from right to wrong.  They are the future and their sanity is very sacred for everyone. There should be perfection in using media should be used forbuilding relationships, appropriate learning & growing opportunities and more importantly for educating oneself.

Watching the current pandemic situation, Digital Media is growing like never before. People are learning more online techniques like podcasts, online meetings & interviews, video influencing. As many businesses are still closed, they are providing online services to customers. COVID-19 has a bad impact on Print Media & Live Events, while it also has a positive & mixed impact on Television, Digital News, Social Media, Video Conferencing. As lockdown is giving people more time to spend together with family. Consumers are also waking up to the potential of the cost savings in not going out to the multiplex, given the high price of tickets, parking and the in-cinema snack, a trend that can catalyze further growth for digital media.

The digital media and entertainment, including OTT, digital news, social media and gaming, was already seeing great numbers at the beginning of 2020 and it is expected to grow more resilient compared to other sectors. In the current situation, filmmakers are making series & movies and releasing it on digital streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and many such mediums as people can’t go to cinema halls.

Due to Social Distancing, all the meetings & conferences are going digitized on platforms like Zoom App, Google Meet, Skype. Zoom was installed in around 6 million Indian Smartphones during the first quarter of 2020. So, after this pandemic situation, people will be more upgraded & work more smartly identifying digital media. Any medium when using in moderation and proportion as well as sensibly  will only serve for the good of mankind.

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